Here is a list of some of our current fighters, please fill in the contact form for any enquiries on sponsorships


2023 SA Boxing Champions silver medalist and PPC Boxing Champion

Saafiyah Sonday

2023 All African ADCC Champion

Azru Joseph

2023 Metropol Kickboxing Champion

Mogamad Achmat

 MMA Fighter Raqeeb Sonday

MMA Fighter Ameer Gamza

 MMA Fighter Zaakir Parker

 MMA Fighter Imaad Ebrahim

MMA Fighters Umso Nkonki & Hoosain Chisamya

Pro Kickboxer Emmanuel Mukenge

MMA Fighter Zaahir Abrahams

MMA Fighter Uzair Hoosain

Pro Boxer Douglas

Kickboxer Adli Peck

Terence Balelo. MMA fighter. Current SA Flyweight Champion 2020

Emmanuel Sita. MMA Fighter

Left-Davido Grace Ngoyi MMA Fighter

Kamenga-Mapumba -Boxer

Shiraaj van Harte – MMA fighter

Warren Kitching – Boxer

Toufeeq Khan – Boxer

Riaaz Mohamed – Boxer

Raqeeb Sonday-Boxer

Heinrich Jacobs – Boxer

Douglas Besela – MMA fighter

Amiena Koopman – Kickboxer

Fighterz Inc Fighter- Zubeida Hendricks

Zubeida Hendricks, age 18, female, style: Boxing, Kickboxing, Muay thai, 1 boxing fight, two Kickboxing fights, weight 55 kgs

Fighterz Inc Fighter- Mishkah Slamang

Mishkah Slamang, age 22, female, style: Boxing, 1 fight, 60 kgs

Fighterz Inc Fighter-Imraan Paleker

Imraan Paleker, age 26, male, style: Boxing, 1 fight

Fighterz Inc Fighter-Fabian Koeries

Fabian Koeries, age 23, male, style: Kickboxing, Muay thai, 1 fight, 70 kgs

Fighterz Inc Fighter-Junaid Fredericks

Junaid Fredericks, age 19, male, style: Boxing, Kickboxing, Muay thai, 9 kickboxing fights, 2 boxing fights, titles, 3rd place in SA Kickboxing Champs, weight 66kgs

Fighters- Robin Felton

Robin Felton, age 26, male, style: Mma, 1 fight, weight 66kgs

Fighters- Hoosain Chisamya

Hoosain Chisamya, age 17, male, styles: Boxing, Kickboxing, Muay thai, Mma, record: 1 Boxing, 2 Kickboxing fights, weight 68 kgs

Fighters- Ridha Geyer

Ridha Geyer, age 17, male, styles: Boxing, Kickboxing, Muay thai, record, 1 boxing fight.

Fighters- Kristin Klarke

Kristin Klarke, age 20, female, styles: Muay thai, K1, weight 66kgs

Fighters-John Engelbrecht

John Engelbrecht, age, 19, male, styles: Mma, K1, Muay thai, 4 Kickboxing fights, 1 Muay thai fight,

Title, 2017 Western Cape junior Kickboxing Champion, weight 57kgs

Fighters- Rhiyaad Mohamad

Rhiyaad Mohamad, 30, male, styles: Boxing, Kickboxing, 2 fights, weight 70kgs