Faeez Jacobs 
‘I met Fidaah in early 2015 after I had decided I would reach for my goals, I had no idea how but I knew training with Fidaah had taken me further in the first month than I had been for the last year and a half. I had been fighting boxing before but I made my kickboxing debut under Fighterz inc and for the first time had experienced mental coaching, I walked in there calm, fearless and I wasn’t nervous at all it felt like I had been there many times before.

I have known Fidaah Edries for just more than 2years now by far the most important 2years of my life, I felt like I had been given the receipt for success and more and more of my dreams were being fulfilled. I began to win championship after championship, radio interview after radio interview even television appearance and newspaper articles but this was only the beginning, Fidaah’s mental coaching had given birth to a belief so powerful that I felt I could do anything and so I am currently achieving my dreams. I have even become an inspirational figure for others and have done work with youth and several motivational talks, I have many people reach out to me and tell me they see me reaching for my goals and it has inspired them to do the same.
Fidaah Edries has been the most influential person in my life since I met him and I recommend to anyone wanting to get the results they want from life to consult him as I believe his recipe for success can be used through all walks of life.’

Junaid Rawoot
‘Great gym!great coaches!love the family vibe! The coaches go above and beyond to achieve greatness from the students! Constantly innovative and always striving to help students achieve there goals whether its improved fitness, weightloss or to become a fighter…the gym is like a family constantlyhelping each other achieve there goals. Aside from the fitness and martial arts I have gained many life skills which I apply in my day to day life. Joining fighterz inc and growing with them has been one of the best decisions iv made. But dont take my word for it, the gym offers a free class so come and check it out for yourself!’

Cameron Abrahams
My experience at Fighterz.inc has become a new chapter in my life, I believe so much in Fighterz.inc, just as much as Fidaah my coach does. I see his vision I installed my whole faith and time to this gym and what it stands for I decided to sacrifice a full year of whatever I was doing to stop it and completely commit every part of me to training full time with fidaah and reach a whole other level I want to be the best, because what are you doing it for? you aim to be amongst the best, I want to be number one this is the place where I will reach my unknown potential the way we do things here is nothing but hard intelligent work and this is the level we work on the highest level simply. I have achieved a lot with Fighterz.inc and in future we will hold all great titles in every part of this game no matter the discipline whether it’s boxing kickboxing MMA and many more we going to be number one.’

Candice King
A 6 day a week gym routine became monotonous and I was looking for a way to change up my workouts. After searching, I found Fighterz Inc and decided that this was the change I needed to my workout routine. It’s been 2 months since I joined and I am loving every minute. Not only am I getting great workouts, I’m learning Boxing, Kickboxing, Muay Thai & MMA techniques in the process. What’s more is that Fighterz Inc is more than a gym, it’s a family; so whilst you’re working out, you’re also having fun doing it. Incredibly affordable given the amount of classes available to you.’

 Richard van Bergen
 ‘Clean cut, professional, no nonsense approach to the martial arts.’


Samsonisa Brink
‘Best fighting club ever, you also grow emotionally and mentally, because these coaches has got some skills when it comes to inspiring others. Fidaah, the founder of the club, has a passion for what he does and has taken Faeez Jacobs under his wing about 2 years ago and if you see what they have accomplished together, the results speak for themselves. Punching and kicking boxing bags (0r humans, LOL) is great for anger management and mental discipline’